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Seminar: Life Crises as a Challenge for Development

Venue: Conference park 25/7

(Grand hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta)

Date: 17/04/2017

11.00 – 12.30

Lecture: Illness as a Path

14.00 – 18.30

Dr. med. Ruediger Dahlke in Opatija

The lecture is in German with translation into Croatian

Lecture: Illness as a Path

Dr Ruediger Dahlke’s lecture is aimed at understanding what the symptoms of illnesses such as infections, allergies, headache, accidents, heart and stomach pain, but also cancer, are telling

  1. All our physical and psychological issues are just symptoms that transmit important messages from our spiritual side.

Seminar: Life Crises as a Challenge for Development

During the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to transform their life crises into power for self-healing and personal growth through an intense exchange with Dr Ruediger Dahlke.

About the lecturer:

Ruediger Dahlke

After graduating from the school of medicine in Munich, Dahlke perfected natural healing methods and underwent extended training in different psychotherapeutic areas. He has succeeded in creating a holistic approach to psychosomatic illnesses and in improving the physician’s approach to the patient in such a way that a joint search for healing takes place with mutual respect between physician and patient by taking into account the dynamics and comprehensive laws of life. He has sold more than 5 million copies of his books, which are based on a new understanding of illness as a consequence of psychosomatic processes and thus provide an exceptional contribution to health improvement.