We continuously employ professional, highly motivated, skilled and qualified waiters, cooks, confectioners, receptionists, maids and other auxiliary staff.

Our season in Opatija starts as early as 1 March and lasts until 30 November. In high season, we have more vacancies and offer a wide range of employment opportunities, including work in à la carte restaurants, a Vienna-style café, at gala events, in cocktails bars, in a tavern and pizzeria, in hotel restaurants, lobby bars, on the beach, in a hostel, etc.

We have job vacancies throughout the year and invite all interested candidates to send in their applications. Work experience is not required – to us, it is important that you are committed and willing to work.

If you are a student, you can work on a student contract; as a pupil you can do work experience in our hotels and/or work on a pupil's contract; if you are employed elsewhere and can work only one day a week (such as weekends) or part-time, you are also free to send in your application.

If tourism and hospitality is your passion, if you are eager to acquire new knowledge, if you are willing to commit to work and want to learn professional skills, please contact our Human Resources Department and send your application to posao@milenijhoteli.hr or apply through our website.