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Milenij Choco

Chocolate… a word that everyone says with love. There is a saying that out of ten people, nine love chocolate, and the tenth one is probably lying. Or maybe this tenth person has never been to our Milenij Hotels in Opatija.

Our chocolates come in all shapes, kinds, aromas and flavours. When we say “our chocolates”, we really mean it, for we have our own chocolate factory in the Hotel Continental. This is a place where you can come and see for yourself how the best cakes and chocolates are made. We make them by hand, of course. Our selection of pralines includes thirty different fillings. We have every flavour that you can think of – even some that you can’t. And the best thing is that you can make your own selection, put them in a box and give them as a gift. Choose your very own flavours and shapes, such as butterflies with apricot, or cognac. Exclusively from Opatija. What a great gift!

If you think that chocolate is only food, we will soon prove you are wrong. For example, we know how to draw with chocolate, and will be happy to teach you how to do that too. Or we can teach your child while you are enjoying a chocolate massage in one of the Milenij Hotels’ wellness centres. At the end, a photo with our mascot will remind you of the best choco day of your life. Leo the Lion is very popular among our guests – especially the youngest ones.

But the surprises don’t end here. We have designed a special ritual to help you relieve stress. It’s called Choco Crash. Imagine a huge chocolate bar. Half a metre long. Open. On the table. Within the easy reach. Just yours. And a hammer. Only for you. You swing it and give it a good whack. The chocolate cracks and breaks – and the biggest piece is just for you.

We could continue revealing all the secrets of our chocolate month, but this would probably make your mouth water. Go on, treat yourself! See you in Opatija!

Milenij Choco | 09.00 – 18.00 h

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